...That is the question.  Should you bring pictures of examples of haircuts, color, bangs, special occasion hairstyles, or for any other hair design you can think of?  Yes, absolutely!  A lot of people bring photos when getting their hair done, but surprisingly in my more than 16 years of experience I’ve had many people not bring any pictures, or worse, tell me that another hairdresser told them they shouldn’t bring a picture to hairstylists because it won't help.  I disagree.  Unless you plan on giving free reign to your stylist, to do whatever he/she wants, you should bring in pictures


I encourage all my clients to bring a picture or several pictures, especially with first-time appointments or for current clients interested in changing their style to something different.  Why? Well, let me start by saying everyone has a different view on color, styles, or even what bangs mean to them.  So, for example, if someone comes in and sits in my chair and has dark brown hair but wants light caramel blonde hair, I need to know what their idea of "light caramel blonde" is.  Think of what your idea of caramel blonde is - do you think of gold or a wheat color?  My idea of caramel blonde is more like a warm coffee with lots of cream; or giant glass of bubbly champagne.  Or, how about dark brown?  For some, they may view dark brown as almost black! I think of a rich, warm, dark chocolate.  But this particular client may actually want the color of fall acorns laying on the ground or the color of hot tea - to them that is dark brown.  Finally, let's talk special occasion hairstyles.  If someone sits in my chair and says i want it full and voluminous, I may immediately think of something like Adele’s hair style, while they may just want it a" little loose."  The same goes for haircuts and other things too.  You can see how the list of examples could be endless!

The point is, as they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and I agree!  I want you to walk out happy, so bring a picture, heck bring ten, sometimes we have to create that perfect style from several different pictures: “take bangs from here ... the angle from here...the color from here ...oooh and yes i love those layers………….."