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Why you should choose Hairdreams for Hair Extensions

Why you should choose Hairdreams for Hair Extensions

When I started doing hair extensions, I wanted the best in quality and performance - that’s why I chose Hairdreams’ extensions. They may not be the cheapest but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. For example, here are some of the many reasons you should choose Hairdreams over other less expensive products:

  • Hairdreams hair is a blend of European hair that is closest to North American hair, texture, and natural shape of the hair.

  • Hairdreams, when left to air dry, has a very natural wave. If you have curly hair you can get it to curl up nicely. They also offer tighter curl for more curly-haired individuals.

  • Hairdreams, when installed, is very natural looking - it flows with the rest of the hair because of the way it is installed.  

  • Top stylists agree, Hairdreams extensions are the best.  Some stylists to the stars that work with Hairdreams are:

    • Micheal Boychuck, Las Vegas, Stylist to Paris Hilton

    • Jose Eber, Beverly Hills, Stylist to Jennifer Lopez

    • Ken Paves, Beverly Hills, Stylist to Victoria Beckham

    • Charlie Le Mindu, New York, New York, Stylist & Fashion Designer to Lady Gaga

Also, according to an independent lab study, Hairdreams greatly outperformed its competitors. In the blind study, here were the amazing results:

Hair Testing Chart.png

Obviously Hairdreams extensions weren’t 100% perfect across the board, but they were much closer than any of the other tested brands.  Remember, this is natural, real hair. Even natural hair that has never had any chemical services done to it usually has some damage. Hairdreams tries, in every step, to keep its hair’s integrity to a maximum. For example, when Hairdreams selects its hair, any hair that does not meet its strict quality standards, is removed. That means only the very best hair is selected for its hair extension products. Plus, when Hairdreams puts the hair together or “bonds” it in the lab, all its hair is bonded with all the cuticles going in the same direction which makes the hair is shinier and smoother and lays more naturally. Not all hair extension companies bond their hair so carefully.

Speaking of bonds, another great thing about Hairdreams extensions is that its bonds are not a glue or a “protein bond.” They use a special nylon blend bond that is a flat rectangle as illustrated here:

Hair Bonds.png

As you can see, since Hairdreams uses a flat bond, it puts no tension at the scalp. With other brands, the bond is tight at the scalp, shaped more like a piece of rice, so there is a lot of tension. Imagine wearing a tight ponytail for 4-5 months, you would probably have a lot of breakage!

One of the last reasons I love Hairdreams: a full installation of hair, length and volume, is equal to 30,000 individual hairs. That’s a lot of extra hair!!!

Call or text me for a free consultation (440-339-4899) and you’ll see why I love this product. I can make your “Hairdreams” come true!


Why You Should Buy Hair Products from a Salon and Not a Drugstore

Why You Should Buy Hair Products from a Salon and Not a Drugstore

I know, I know, you are probably thinking that I am just trying to convince you to only buy products from me.  It’s true, I do make money from the sale of these products.  But that is not my main motivation suggesting you buy products straight from me or other salons.  I've tried the “name brand drugstore products” firsthand, and they're just not the same as their salon counterparts, they smell different, or they’re a different consistency.  Plus, they don’t tend to work as well or last as long as the name brand products you find in a salon.

Companies like Redken, Pureology, and Coppola Keratin Complex only sell their products to salons.  So how do these products end up on drugstore shelves?  This is called the"gray market" for salon products.  Bootleggers will buy professional salon products from a legitimate distributor, then will wait for the bar codes to expire, so the products can’t be tracked.   The big chains, including places that seem like they'd be legitimate, sell bootleg salon beauty products that they're not authorized to carry.  If you like the cheaper brands and those work for you that’s great, but they will probably be of an inferior quality.  Waiting for such a long time for the bar code to expire can cause the product inside to expire as well.

The reason people usually buy these products at drugstores is because they believe they are getting a great deal.  Oftentimes drugstores will mark up the products just so they can offer “deep discounts.”  Unfortunately, this is usually just an illusion.  The products end up being only slightly less (and shockingly, sometimes even slightly more) than I sell them for at my salon.  Plus, as I mentioned above, you are likely getting an inferior, expired product that may not even be what the product says it is.  So, you’re not getting a great deal after all, you’re getting ripped off!

There have been times when I’ve gone to use a product on someone's hair and they say “oh yeah I’ve tried that and didn't like it” but it was an expired drug store one.  Sometimes I am able to convince them to let me try my product on them and they usually are astounded at the difference between the product I use and the product they bought at the drugstore even though it is supposed to be the “same” product. 

Many people complain about various hair issues - it’s too frizzy, I can’t curl it, I can’t straighten it, etc.  A lot of times these hair issues can be solved with a styling product or better shampoo and conditioner.  At a drugstore if you ask the cashier or person stocking the shelves, they are going to have no idea what product is best for your hair and you may end up spending more money trying to figure out what product is best for you.  At my salon, I have the experience and expertise to help you choose the product that is right for you.  I have taken years of courses to stay apprised of the latest trends and new products.  Next time you come into my salon, let me know about any issues you are having with your hair and I will recommend the product that is best for you and you can be assured it is the real deal!